Hearing Noises In The Attic Or Noises In The Crawl?

A Thorough Inspection Tailors The Solution For Your Home


What Can BeastMasters Do For You?

 During the initial inspection we determine the species of animal(s) and locate all possible entry points leading into the attic and crawlspace.  


  • Ask about using our trapping or rodent exterminating only option. (unless bats are involved any and all exclusion work is optional)
  • Wildlife exclusion (evicts wildlife without use of enclosed cages or snap traps)
  • Live animal trapping and removal 
  •  Deceased animal removal
  • Bat guano clean up
  • Attic and crawlspace disinfecting and deodorizing
  • Reinforce your homes most vulnerable areas (this prevent new infestations and new damage caused by wildlife)
  • Chimney cap instal
  • Rodent proof dryer vent covers
  • Some handyman services are available 

Give us a call for any other services or questions. We require an inspection of the property to evaluate any and all details of any contract.  Certain species can only be trapped seasonally. 


Our Guarantee

We believe in QUALITY workmanship that comports with and preserves the appearance of your home at the time of our services.

BeastMaster WildLife Control, LLC HAS HEART!

We safely trap, remove and relocate every critter we can.

BeastMasters has no part in hoarding, buying, selling or trading of wildlife.


***We offer a 2 year warranty on all owner-requested exclusion work performed by us.*** 

Good'Ole Southern Service

With his earliest years spent watching and helping his grandpa break and train quarter horses on his grandparents farm the Beast Master was born. 

BeastMasters strives to offer fast, friendly, and professional customer service. At BeastMasters, our customers are always the first priority. With 15 years of experience in the mobile customer service industry, Jeff Holt, who is the owner and primary operator of BeastMasters, has spent 11 of those years freeing homes of all manner of vermin. Jeff has also spent over 2 years as a civilian contractor for a company under contract with all branches of the military (heavy equipment operator, construction and metal fabrication). Having spent almost 4 years as a quality producing, mobile technician with the worlds largest auto glass company, Jeff gets it. We understand demand. BeastMasters has experience with both large corporations and small. BeastMaster is proud to use the most efficient and safest trapping methods, new and old. To top off our excellent customer service we offer very competitive pricing. 

Help Support Our Combat Veterans

Beastmasters supports Disabled Combat Veterans.  Although not a combat veteran himself, Jeff’s brother is a 100% Disabled Combat Veteran. Many of our friends are, as well.  In the spirit of support for Jeff's brother and the too many like him, Beastmasters offers a quick way to donate to HiddenWounds.org  My brother is alive because of the dedicated team at HiddenWounds.org. 22 combat veterans kill themselves every day in this great country they fought to protect.  We all should give back to them in their times of greatest need.  To donate directly to this life-saving organization, please click the donate button. God Bless America! 

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